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Type: Chlorodehydromethyltestosteronum 100 pills 10mg

Product Information: Active substance: testosterone-Hlordigidrometil Concentration 10mg/tabl. Tablets 100 Table. Manufacturer: VERMODJE Oral – Turinabol (TURINOVER) oral steroid which was developed in the early 60′s at the firm Yenafarm and appeared on the market of the then East Germany. Along with the clinical application of the drug was in the GDR doping agent. From the outset to remove all ambiguities say in explanation of the following: Oral-Turinabol is today, as before, 000 Yenafarm, its no problem to buy This steroid has a predominantly anabolic effect on the body, the impact is relatively small overlaps with androgenic. On a scale of 100% is the impact of 6%, 53% anabolic (For comparison: the action of Dianabol – 45% of the androgenic, anabolic around 90%). Thus Oral-Turinabol has a somewhat weaker effect than Dianabol. Consequently, it is not a steroid for a lightning accumulation of force, weight and muscle mass. Results faster – in a solid gain in muscle mass and strength, if you take the drug for several weeks. The athlete will not be at the same ottekshey appearance as when taking testosterone, Dianabol or Anapolona50. Clearly showed that the effectiveness of this drug is highly dependent on the dose. Experience shows that bodybuilding athletes take 40-50mg a day. And many of these doses enthusiastically talk about the good results: the accumulation of solid muscle mass, is clearly visible tide power, and low water retention in the body, side effects caused by estrogen, are extremely rare. No wonder drug so like weightlifters and athletes powerlifting, they know the value of its properties. We are familiar with two athletes that take in certain phases of training for 20 tablets of 5 mg daily, and look bulky and muscular and with tight lie over 240kg, and squat about 380. Moreover, without receiving any other steroid O.T, based on their quality – suitable for steroid competition for both: men and women. Particularly pleased with the drug in competition doping control because rapidly degraded in the body, and its breakdown products are excreted in the urine in the shortest time. But just to answer the question, how many days before the event can take medication to in doping control to stay clean, hard. From reliable sources, we do know that the athletes taking OT as a single steroid, even if and dosages of 10 pills a day, stop taking it for exactly 5 days before the test, and the tests and trials have been negative. In favor of the drug, and this information is the fact that the name of Oral-Turinabol has never appeared in the list of positive Uric samples. We talked with some of the big sports athletes, their opinion is that enough to stop taking the drug for 7-8 days before the event, and all will be well, of course, if the drug is taken alone without any support other steroids. The days before the competition can be overcome with Andriol, provided the termination of its acceptance for 48 hours before the test. In 14 days of OT at a dose of 20 mg per day there is some suppression of its own production of testosterone, which is yet again to normal after 5 days after stopping the drug, and even then still rising. Interestingly, the decreased production of testosterone in a week after stopping OT may rise to levels higher than those prior to his admission. This possible rebound effect can not be overstated, based on doping controls. The relatively rapid recovery of own testosterone production apparently is that OT in comparison with other steroids reduces testosterone levels by 10-25% of normal, while Dianabol, for example, by 30-40%. Possible side effects depend, as a rule, the dose and differentiated by gender. In women, depending on the predisposition to virilization, their appearance may at doses above 20 mg per day and for long the drug intake. Men can greatly reduce their own production of testosterone. Gynecomastia in OT, experience, appear very rarely, and the effect on electrolyte and water balance is very little noticeable.


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