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Type: Trenbolone tablets 60/10 mg

Oral-Turanabol (OT) has a predominantly anabolic effect in the promptness with relatively low androgenic activity. On a scale of 1 to 100 the androgenic effects from takes about 6-position, the anabolic effect of the 53rd. Comparing, for example, Danabolom, I note that its androgenic effect on the 45th position, while on the anabolic 90th. For that reason, an order of magnitude weaker Danabola and not treat steroid contributing to the rapid weight gain, muscle mass and strength. But those Nemenov, taking this steroid for a few weeks, gives significant results in both the building and the dry mass in force, without the filled, which is seen in the application of testosterone, Danabola. Dosages ranging from 20 mg to 50 mg per day, the efficiency of depends on the level of dosage.

Athlete with a weight of 90 kg should take about 4 pills a day for the 5 mg (20 mg / day). From experience in bodybuilding dosage 8-10 tablets of 5 mg per day (40-50 mg / day). Many of these dosages had good results in building lean muscle mass, strength without water retention and other side effects associated with estrogenic activity. For this, so to say, a good cause, OT is also popular among powerlifters and security officials, who prefer to just these characteristics.

Because of these same characteristics, OT in sport for both men and women. The most effective for men in bodybuilding is a course of 50 mg / day in the promptness with Parabolan 200 mg / week + Stanozolol 150 mg / week. In precompetitive period (for drying) athletes have to drastically reduce food intake and take fat burners, this same combination of steroids alone can have dramatic results in the achievement of both relief and muscle preserver. In this case, nor any hint of gynecomastia, excess estrogen, drenched muscles.

Oral-Turanabol earned its popularity due to the rapid conclusion as its metabolites. A very common question – is “how much time is needed to complete the reception from being” clean “for the doping test? ‘. From reliable sources that the Altet taking steroids only as OT with dosages 10-15 pills a day (50-75 mg / day), the drug was stopped 5 days before the test, and the test was negative.

Potential side effects of the application of OT usually depend on the dosage or individual characteristics. In women, symptoms may verilizatsii dizirovki in excess of 20 mg / day and for long term use. In men, as already mentioned, the side effects associated with estrogen activity are rare. Since hlordigidrometil alkilirovan-testosterone 17-alpha, it is advisable to monitor the functional state of the liver to prevent possible abuses. Among other things, on the relative to steroids, the reception of which does not require long intervals between courses, such as taking more than 6 weeks, there have been no adverse effects.


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