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Trenbolone Enantat – Enan-Tren


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Active Life: 9-12 days

Class: Sterod Anabolic / Androgenic (injection)
Reported average dose: Men 200-400mg / wk
Acne: Yes
Water Retention: No
High Voltage: Yes
Liver toxicity: Although debated, Yes
Aromatization to estrogen: No
DHT Conversion: No
Testosterone suppression Own: Moderate

Active chemical substance: Trenbolone enanthate
Trade name: Enan-Train

Enentat trenbolone is the latest form of trenbolone were developed in mid 2004 is essentially a new form of Parabolan, using ENET ester instead of the hexahidroxibenzilcarbonat. This form of trenbolone is very effective. So far only available as was the trenbolone acetate and her efficiency but with an action very quickly. Trenbolone enanthate is released slowly into the bloodstream, making it a great alternative to frequent injections of trenbolone acetate.

The action is similar to trenbolone enanthate testosterone acetate, acting in the body for two weeks after the injection.
Beneficial and harmful effects are the same as those of trenbolone acetate. The recommended dose is 300-600mg week.


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