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Testosterona P


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Type:Testosterone propionate solution for injection 5/100 mg/1ml

Testosterone propionate

The unusual testosterone propionate is that unlike, for example, from such favorite bodybuilders testosterone enanthate it only minimally water retention in the body. You can buy in our store. Incidentally, this is why some consider propionate pitching thing ineffective. Indeed: it difficult to recruit 8 – 10 kg per month, although it is quite possible to do using the same testosterone enanthate or methandrostenolone. However, the veteran athletes find it a very valuable property, and actively use propionate precompetitive training. Propionate combination with one or more vysokoanabolichnymi and nizkoandrogennymi steroids like Winstrol or Primobolan helps to build quality muscles and faster burning of body fat. Moreover, it is noticed, that these combinations are a classic example of synergy, when not too potent drugs alone are much more effective when used together. Buy it as well as you can retabolil in our store.

Propionate can be safely called steroid for “proletarians”, given that it is – the cheapest product on the Russian market. Now its price on the black market is about 4 – $ 5 per pack of 10 vials of 50 mg of each. However, this does not mean that this steroid “fit” for the competition only the poor bodybuilders. The fact that testosterone component allows the body better able to recover from stress, because testosterone promotes the body’s production of phosphocreatine, so even wealthy athletes are trying to insert into your precompetitive steroid cycle at least one androgen. It is clear that for the above reasons, preference is given propionate as the time-tested tool, although some still prefer the more expensive but less studied Andriol.

Another interesting quality propionate is that it starts very quickly, once in the body and the person as quickly deduced from it. The advantages of this property is obvious: if the athlete, sitting on steroids, wants as soon as possible to experience their work, he can do at the beginning of the course, several injections of testosterone propionate. The level of testosterone in the body have soared, and when propionate stop working for the cause will undertake a “heavy” steroid “artillery” (eg retabolil who begins to act on the body only after 10 – 14 days after injection). By the way, drugs such as Sustanon and Omnadren are loved strokes, partly because their composition is propionate, without allowing a long swing down to business. Another advantage of this property is that this steroid can be “fit” for the championship, which provides drug test. The fact is that after the injection of testosterone propionate ratio “Testosterone / epitestosterone” in the urine decreased with the concentration of testosterone in the blood. This figure is quite sharply reduced to the level of “6″, which, although higher than normal testosterone in the body, but not “caught” by a doping control. In this case, the body does not have time to be in a state of catabolism, which could wipe out the fruits of training. The downside of the short duration of propionate are fairly frequent injections. Propionate administered at least three times a week does not make sense, and some people, especially those who are addicted to high doses can “put” it every day. Agree, it is not quite convenient. It is true that women get the most out of propionate with minimal risk to health just by the relatively rare injection. Introduction 50 mg propionate every 5 -7 days does not lead to the accumulation of androgens in the female body and, therefore, the appearance of such effects as virilization growth of hair on the body and face, deepening of the voice, etc., but at the same time beneficial the muscles.

There is another interesting thing related to propionate. I know athletes who regularly made themselves local injection propionate (usually in the lower leg, at least – in the biceps and delta), especially when, for one reason or another was not available estsiklen – drug effects on local muscles. As a result of these injections in muscles appeared seals that their appearance was increased.

Propionate – harmless enough drug in the sense that its reception rarely causes any side effects. In any case, the liver and kidneys are not affected, except when superdozah. The only way you can inadvertently get – is acne and gynecomastia. Yes, propionate is quite upsetting the body’s own testosterone production, so the end of the course are encouraged to take this steroid gonadotropin, Proviron and Nolvadex.


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