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Testosterona E


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Type:Testosterone enanthate solution for injection 5/250 mg/1ml

Testosterone enanthate is a class of steroids for long periods. This drug is an ester of testosterone produced by the body and is one of several chemicals that make testosterone. The objective is to create testosterone and the development of male sexual characteristics.

If testosterone in the male body is produced in a volume lower than normal or does not produce, it is likely the alignment of both functional and mental functions. One application Ser testosterone enanthate is medicine. In particular, it shows women to use when you want to treat some breast tumors, and teenagers and children are encouraged to take the drug to normalize growth. Medicine is not the only area of the drug, it is well known in sporting circles, where the steroid taking, wanting to build muscle. Of course, many believe that the problem of muscle growth and strength and has done drugs such as Anadrol 50, Parabolin, Finaject. This is certainly true, but with results that are achieved Allows athletes testosterone does not match any of the above drugs. Testosterone Enanthate is a steroid manufactured in Europe, in its action and chemical composition, it is close to the popular in the U.S. Testosterone cypionate. Duration of exposure to testosterone enanthate on the body lasts quite prodolzhiteny time and depends on the athlete’s hormonal system and the metabolism. This is an average 2-3 weeks, so the interval between injections can be quite large. Although athletes, bodybuilding, weightlifting or triathlon, despite the length of exposure to testosterone enanthate prefer to take it at least once every 7 days, and sometimes more often. This is largely explained by the short half-life of testosterone enanthate, is only one week.

In comparison to other testosterone enanthate Testosterone has one important advantage that makes it ideal for most athletes – a strong anabolic and androgenic effect on the body, provides a significant gain in muscle mass and strength in the shortest possible time. This steroid has received feedback from many athletes with the best hand. The reason for this rapid increase in muscle is banal accumulation of water in the body, which, to the delight of athletes accompanied by growth and strength. This property is a real gem of testosterone enanthate for the athletes who work in high weight category and involved heavy lifting. In addition to testosterone enanthate needs of athletes, bodybuilders, and weightlifting barbell can meet unless another steroid Sustanon. And in these circles are not limited to the minimum dosage, bringing a daily dose of up to 1000 or even 2000mg, because only such doses of testosterone enanthate can provide them with the necessary zeal to win, strength and aggressiveness. Therefore the use of 2000-4000mg of testosterone enanthate per week is not out of the usual scope, and even sometimes the shortage. Dosage of this size are common among athletes involved in powerlifting, and soccer players. A large amount of water in the body kkumuliruetsya athlete take testosterone enanthate, in this case, is not his fault, and dignity, as it helps or even completely eliminates the pain in the joints, often found in athletes heavyweights.

Reviews of steroids by testosterone enanthate always talk about it a great effect. Although, of course, when the body accumulates athlete too much water, it’s impossible not to notice. As his body does not look natural, and it feels like an athlete pumped water or air, which, however, not far from the truth. It seems that the athlete is strong, as it was, although in practice this is not always the case. This is especially noticeable not in competition, but in the off-season, when all athletes are given the idea to build muscle and for the use of testosterone in large numbers. So taking testosterone enanthate though and gives fast results, but it must be applied with care. In addition to the accumulation of water in the body with testosterone enanthate is another drawback – high aromatization active chemical substance, so that it is converted into estrogen. And this in turn leads not only to the accumulation of fat hard output, but also the appearance of gynecomastia or in other words, the phenomenon of feminization. Although, in fairness, it should be noted that these side effects are most common in athletes with a predisposition to it, because there are a lot of athletes, a weekly dose of more than 1000mg of the drug, and thus nothing like they have not seen. There is another category of athletes who, introducing himself even the lowest dose of testosterone enanthate, already observable manifestations of these or other signs of feminization. In any case, those who are resistant to the action of testosterone, and those who are very dependent on the dose, do not neglect the weekly intake of Proviron and Nolvadex 500mg, which can neutralize the effects of testosterone.

The big plus testosterone enanthate is its effectiveness for most athletes, regardless of the duration and dose, ie and new to the steroid courses and experienced athlete will feel the results of the Testostern Enanthate. Among other things, testosterone enanthate for high regeneration of tissues in the body, and provides the athlete burst of energy. That is why, taking Testosterone enanthate, athletes can easily withstand a long and exhausting exercise. In many ways, it helps in this manifested as a result of receiving testosterone enanthate “pump effect” that provides a flow of oxygen-rich blood to the muscles. And the same can be observed not only in training, but just up the stairs. Such impressive results inspire many beginners start with steroid courses was taking testosterone, one of which is the testosterone enanthate. But it is better not to do it because it starts to get acquainted with the steroids athletes testosterone is not necessary. Achieve excellent results they can, taking steroids and lighter, which, moreover, have fewer side effects. And much testosterone should leave at a time when the lungs steroids will no longer give the desired effect. Advanced athletes can no longer be satisfied with the mere reception of testosterone enanthate, and combine it with other steroids that will get great results.

So, for example, want to build muscle can combine testosterone enanthate with Deca Durabolin or Anadrol. These drugs also have positive reviews. A good choice would be a combination of 100 mg Anadrol daily and weekly admission and 500 mg of testosterone enanthate 200 mg Deca Durabolin. Although it is not a panacea, pskolku Testosterone enanthate combines perfectly with the majority of the known steroids. If athletes suffer from the accumulation of water in the body, caused by taking Anadrol and testosterone enanthate or they give preference to the increase of strength, not muscle, then it is best to take Testosterone enanthate together with Oxandrolone or Winstrol. As for the dosage of testosterone enanthate, as is the case with other steroids variation is quite large. Someone takes 250 mg a week, but someone seems to be insufficient and 2000mg a day. Most of the athletes still limited to a weekly intake 250-1000mg of testosterone enanthate. If the dosage is no more than 500 mg a week, it is done in one injection, a larger amount of steroids is usually split into several shots. Each athlete for himself determines the optimal dosage of the drug, in line with the level of achievement, body weight and length of receiving steroids. For example, swimmers or bodybuilders coming to the show, no need to take more than 500 mg of testosterone enanthate per week.

Among the disadvantages of testosterone enanthate is worth noting the impact of the drug on a high arc “hypothalamus – pituitary – balls”, resulting in the inhibition of the production of testosterone by the body. Athletes who take Testosterone enanthate for a long time and a great interest in high doses, the drug may be faced with a reduction or complete cessation of the formation of semen. To avoid this, you just start taking the drug HCG, or equivalent time in every 6-8 weeks of testosterone enanthate. In principle, there is nothing coming of the box. Most athletes who take testosterone, and regularly use drugs such as Nolvadex, Clomid, clenbuterol, or HCG, as they help to improve the level of testosterone produced by the body, as well as contribute to the preservation of the results even after taking testosterone enanthate. No wonder they say that strong and pumped Testosterone enanthate will be everyone, but can save the result is not all. Should stop taking the drug, as a wonderful muscle begins to literally melt in his eyes, so those who once started taking steroids, can rarely stop it on their own.

There were here and no side effects. The first thing I want to note is the ability of testosterone enanthate cause accumulation of large amounts of fluid in the body, resulting in many athletes there is hypertension. If an athlete has a predisposition to high blood pressure or acquired this disease, taking Testosterone enanthate, then he need to register with a doctor, and take drugs – antigipertoniki promoting the normalization of pressure. Not uncommon in patients receiving testosterone enanthate acne that pour out on the face, back, chest and arms. An interesting fact is that this effect is more often than not while receiving testosterone enanthate, and after its completion. If the acne is strongly disturbed and become chronic, it is recommended to take a German agent “Roaccutane”. Can often occur feminization, in particular, gynecomastia. To deal with them should start taking anti-estrogens. Athletes just start taking testosterone enanthate often talk about frequent and stronger erections, which is quite common. And adolescents receiving testosterone enanthate can give impetus to the growth and maturation of bone tissue, accompanied by overgrowth of the epiphyses. As a result of the growth of an athlete just stops. That is why the undergrowth and young professionals it is not recommended to start with testosterone enanthate, and generally take any steroids for as long as their bodies are not formed completely.

Oddly enough, the liver Testosterone enanthate has almost no harmful effects. The substance of the drug less toxic to the liver than oral steroids, alkulirovannye 17-alpha. Lots of useful and interesting information about steroids and testosterone athletes can learn from the authors and M. D. Klazinga Donica in the book “Drug”, in particular, they penned a statement that taking any steroids is dooming the liver to slow destruction. Although the contradiction that it is believed that testosterone does not cause hepatic dysfunction. Even if they take testosterone with existing liver damage, they do not aggravate her condition. In addition to these side effects of taking testosterone enanthate can note also the following: loss of hair, deepening of the voice.

As for the female athletes, they do is to refrain from the use of this drug, despite the fact that he sometimes used lechebnh purposes. Or at least to limit dosage 250mg, taking it no more frequently than once every 7-10 days. The fact that testosterone enanthate can cause various effects due to the influence of androgens on the female body. These effects include virilization phenomenon is accompanied by the following symptoms: clitoral hypertrophy, increased libido, acne, changes in voice and alopeziya, with the last couple signs is irreversible. While many athletes do not consider all these phenomena crucial factor that could prompt them to stop taking testosterone, and continue receiving steroids to achieve the desired increase in strength and muscle.


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