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Type: Stanozolol Injection Solution 5/50 mg / ml

Strombaject (Stanozolol) – nothing more than a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, but the stanozolol is less active than it srodnenny androgen. Strombadzhekt, aka Winstrol, are more anabolic than androgenic. DHT opposite shows only the side effects inherent androgenic steroids.

The anabolic properties of the drug in comparison with more powerful drugs, but nonetheless strombadzhekt – reliable way to build quality muscle. Stanozolol, as Danabol alkilirovan 17-alpha, so there its oral form.

The drug does not aromatize, which makes use of aniestrogenov unnecessary. Likely gynecomastia using strombadzhekta extremely small even at the lying to her athletes. Stanozolol is also not stores more water in the tissues.

All of the above characteristics strombadzhekta make it extremely useful for steroid use in short courses, where it is not desirable accumulation of water and the presence of fat.

Because of the ability to increase endurance stanozolol, the drug is very popular in track and field, swimming, cycling …

Strombadzhekt more security than the oral form – strombafort as tableted stanozolol affects the liver.


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