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Type: Stanazolonum 1 fl 10ml / 50mg/ml

Stanover 10ml x 50 mg / ml – this injectable steroid manufacturer Vermodje water based. We can say that this is the standard of injectable Winstrol. Injections are completely painless. Some bodybuilders claim that the injectable version of this steroid yields better results than the oral version. The fact that the drug is water-based, rapidly absorbed by the body, and therefore requires frequent injections. Bodybuilders often inject Stanover each day for best results. The drug was said water-based, so it is quickly absorbed by the body. Body builders have resorted to daily injections, I would recommend to put Stanover 10ml x 50 mg / ml in a day.  Stanover 10ml x 50 mg / ml has a very low androgenic properties and very high anabolic properties. Not aromatize, does not cause water retention. In the picture presented below you can tell a fake from the original drug


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