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Type: Metenolonum injectable solution 5/100 mg

Primobolan – an anabolic steroid, which is engaged in the development of German company that produces it to this day. JSC began supplying this drug on the market in the 60′s, when he was presented in two

Substance: Methenolone enanthate and metenolonatsetata.


Primobolan limited impact on strength gains and increased muscle mass. Therefore, when it is not receiving an early increase in the mass and very large increase in strength. Typically, it takes a long time, but despite the slow growth of muscles, though it is very good quality. And after how to stop taking this drug, the increase remains. The daily dose for athletes – is 50-150 mg. This means that the tablets of 5 mg less than 25 mg. The instructions of the drug says that it is necessary take 2-3mg per kg of body weight. Get about 4-6 tablets a day with Weighing in at 50 kg. Then bodybuilder who has a weight of 100 kg has to take 200-300 mg daily or 8-12 tablets of 25 mg per day.

This shows that we need a sufficiently large daily dose of acetate oral form. The reason is that the pills are not Primobolanatsetata alkylated 17-alpha, and when the first pass through the liver, a large part of a chemical substance is lost and inactivated, causing the blood it is quite small. Only for beginners and women these pills will bring increase strength and muscle mass, but if you take them. Therefore, the experienced Athletes should be combined with steroids Primobolan average or even strong androgenic action. To those who will not flavored and does not accumulate water. For example, it is necessary to combine Primobolan with Masteron, Oxandrolone, Parabolan, Winstrol Depot, such as Anadrol 50. It is in these compounds anabolic effect Primobolan is most appropriate, particularly if combined with its Oxandrolone. Novice athletes had excellent strength and growth muscle weight without water retention when taking 50-100mg Primobolan day and 150 mg. Winstrol Depot in one week.

Experienced athletes of big sports talk about the wonderful quality Growth, when simultaneously compacted muscles, to use 150mg Primobolan S per day and 50mg Winstrol Depot every 2 days, and Parabolan also in the number of 76mg a day.

Although the main application is for tablets Primobolan during preparation for a competition and in women. Since the acetate form does not aromatize into estrogens and does not collect the water, then applied the “Primo” in the preparation for a competition very often and everywhere. The characteristic Unlike acetate tablets is whether they are active at burning fat.

But tablets Primobolanatsetata did not take during the diet is combination with other drugs. Otherwise, the result of their small androgenic effects may appear: a significant loss of muscle mass and power, and the risk of overtraining. So that the above steroid combination highly effective in the preparation for a competition and with appropriate diet.


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