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Category: Product ID: 3330


Type: Fluoxymestrone tablets 10 mg

Active component: Fluoxymesterone / fluoxymesterone

Product:  20 x 10mg

Manufacturer: CS Balkan Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Country: Moldova


Activity: 6-8 hours

Class: Anabolic / Androgenic Steroid (Oral)

Dose: Men 20-40 mg / day

Acne: Yes

Water Retention: No

High Blood Pressure: Rare

Liver Toxic: Yes, very high

Aromatization: No Information

DHT Conversion: No

Suppression of HPTA function: Yes, moderate

Oral steroid derived from methyltestosterone. This is a very strong androgen weak anabolic effect. As a strong androgen gives a good gain in strength and gives the rigid kind enough to “dry” the muscles, muscle growth is small. Because of this, mainly used lifters, those who want to stay in my weight class or bodybuilders before a competition. Due to the nature of the molecular structure, which determine its androgenic properties, is highly toxic substance. Despite this, in amounts up to 20 mg per day is not prone to flavor, which makes it popular among the few androgen used in the preparation for a competition. As androgen, increases agressivnost.Ne recommended to take the drug for more than four weeks in a row because of the high toxicity.


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