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Type: Clomiphene 60 tablets/50 mg

Clomed – antiestrogen no steroid structure, the effect of which is due to specific binding to the estrogen receptors of the ovaries and pituitary gland. It inhibits the negative effects of steroids. At low levels of estrogen in the body is moderately estrogenic effect at high levels – anti-estrogenic effect. In small doses, increases the secretion of gonadotropins (prolactin, FSH and LH), stimulates ovulation. In large doses slows secretion of gonadotropins. Progestogenic and androgenic activity is not.

Mainly used as a stimulator sobstennyh testosterone klomed stimulates the pituitary gland to release more gonadotropin, which leads to a rapid increase in the number of FSH and LH levels in the blood. As a result of increased levels of endogenous testosterone and the effect of steroids. Klomed acts on the influence of steroids, especially when the result of taking anabolic / androgenic steroids, is suppressed own testosterone.

As for the dosage, it seems sufficient 50-100mg per day (1-2tabletki). Tablets are usually taken after meals with a glass of liquid. The duration of intake should not exceed 10-14 days. Most athletes begin with 100 mg per day, taking them to 50 mg in the morning and evening after meals. On the fifth day of admission dose is often reduced to one 50 mg – tablet daily.

The old adopted after androgen course to restore sexual function using human chorionic gonadotropin, rarely it is replaced or combined with clomiphene citrate, but let’s look at the role played by well-known in the course of hCG for a set of strength and muscle mass, as well as using scientific knowledge in endocrinology, try to understand what the feedback mechanism, and when the use of hCG is most useful, as well as why it is important to use clomiphene citrate. Further information may seem abstruse and uninteresting, but if you choose to cheat your body in order to build an impressive muscular weight, even for a very short time, you need to know exactly what it can turn and how to avoid unwanted side effects of therapy sterodami. Personally, I – practice, though, and read medical literature, but still my knowledge simply can not be enough for a detailed consideration of issues such as the regulation of hormonal activity in the body, also receives a large of number of hormones from the outside. I asked to comment on the issue of his friend, a doctor, endocrinologist, PhD. med Voronoi Svyatoslav.

“Every time you do an injection of testosterone, anabolic steroids, or taking a magic pill” growth “Have you thought about the possible dangers and ways to prevent them? Before writing this article, we just set a task to discuss these issues. Begin, perhaps, we should develop a mechanism for the regulation of its own hormones.

Work adrenal, thyroid and gonadal hormones regulated by the pituitary gland, the formation of which, in turn, is regulated by hormones of the hypothalamus. Thus, there is a three-step mechanism for the regulation of sexual and other glands.

The first stage involves the formation of the hypothalamus (the structure of the brain) oligopeptides (active substances), which fall on the nerve cells and in venous vessels to the pituitary gland. Here they either stimulate or inhibit the formation of tropic hormones.

The second stage begins with the formation in the pituitary tropic hormones – somatotropin (STH), or growth hormone, gonadotropin-releasing hormone (TG), etc. These tropic hormones acting on the appropriate target, include the third step. Of these thyrotropic, gonadotropic, adrenocorticotropic hormones stimulate the relevant endocrine glands formation of hormones and growth hormone causes the formation in different organs somatomedin – polypeptide hormones, through which exerts its effect. These hormones perform generalized and relatively long-term effects.

Pituitary hormone drugs obtained in pure form, and used in medicine. They have found their place in the medicine cabinet athlete. But before using these powerful drugs, you need to understand their role in the body and determine when they are most needed.

Tropic hormones influence on peripheral cancer manifests enlargement of cancer, increased blood circulation, increase the synthesis of precursors and proper hormones, and, ultimately, increase the secretion of hormones in the peripheral blood.

The feedback mechanism is a must step in self-regulation of the glands. The essence of the regulation is that the adjustable parameter has the opposite effect on the activity of cancer, or a structure that regulates the operation of this gland. By the nature of the controlled parameter feedback mechanisms can be divided into two types.

The first type – adjustable parameter is the concentration of the hormone in the blood. The mechanism of self-regulation is that the change in hormone concentration in the blood changes the activity of the hypothalamic center secreting liberiny, and formation of the latter either increases or decreases. This modifies the isotropic pituitary hormone synthesis and activity of the respective peripheral gland. So regulate the secretion of cortisol, thyroid and sex hormones.

The second type – adjustable parameter is not the concentration of the hormone, and the content of the regulated substances, such as blood glucose or calcium ions. In these cases, the activity of cancer determined by the concentration of the controlled substance, which acts directly on the given hardware.

And here is another dose of steroid rushed through the body. On the “right” of its effects are well known. And what will happen with the production of its own hormones? This was just discussed further.

By the final result also emit two types of feedback: positive and negative. The essence of the negative feedback is that when the concentration of the hormone in the blood is a reduction or complete blockage of secretion of regulatory hormones (tropic pituitary hormones, statins, and liberinov hypothalamus). In case of positive feedback increasing the concentration of peripheral hormone leads to increased production of regulatory hormones. By negative feedback mechanism regulated products of most hormones in the body.

The feedback mechanism is included in the treatment of hormones. In these cases, input from outside the hormone inhibits the function of the corresponding glands and prolonged administration leads to malnutrition or even atrophy of cancer. Against the background of endocrine gland size may be reduced, but not always. The most significant consequence of the hormonal inhibition of the function of the persistent cancer. Under certain conditions (long course of steroid therapy, the individual characteristics of the organism) can develop gipertormozheniya syndrome, ie, inhibition of the function will be on cancer as deep, that the stimulation of cancer tropic hormone (hCG) after cessation of steroid course will be virtually ineffective.

That – scary? But before the time should not be afraid. For this article and is written to help avoid unnecessary mistakes.

It is important to note some features of the mechanism of reception. According to modern concepts all the hormones on their mechanisms of action on target cells can be divided into two groups. One group of hormone controls various metabolic processes in cells from its surface, as if from a distance, so the group of hormones include hormones “distant” action. These include protein and peptide hormones, catecholamines, and a number of biogenic amines. These hormones bind to the surface of target cells with the appropriate receptor, which includes a number of biochemical processes. The specificity of the cell response to a particular hormone receptor specificity is determined, which binds only to its hormone. Another group of hormone enters the cell, where exerts its effect. This group can be described as a group of hormones “immediate” action. These include androgens, estrogens, progestins, corticosteroids. Central to the action of steroid hormones is the activation of a gene that is accompanied by increased formation of the corresponding enzyme.

And here is the result: a lot has more power and rushing, and at this time own hormones are not produced. What to do? – Read on, the answer is at hand.

Given the above, let us discuss the feasibility of human chorionic gonadotropin during a steroid cycle, and after the application of Clomid this cycle. Modern anabolic steroids have a greater resemblance to testosterone and, therefore, entering the body, will inevitably act on the target organs of testosterone: the testes, pituitary, hypothalamus. Since the effect of testosterone on these target organs sold at a negative feedback, then anabolic steroids, following this path, blocking the activity of the whole system. Specifically, significantly reduces the production of GnRH, gonadotropins and testosterone. Against this background, malnutrition, and in some cases even atrophy, testicular is quite understandable. To prevent this condition to the introduction of gonadotropin from the outside, and this should be done during the “course” to avoid gipertormozheniya syndrome.

Yeah, feel better! Output still is! If the master has a few lines, the recipe literacy rate is almost in the pocket.

Study of the metabolism of anabolic steroids and testosterone led to a number of interesting and practically important discoveries. One of the most important discoveries was the discovery of the process of aromatization. Aromatization of testosterone and anabolic steroids is a way to dispose of these materials, ie, the decrease in their concentration. This process is most intense in the liver and adipose tissue. The final product flavor – estrogen, in a negative feedback, have an additional inhibitory effect on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. It is also interesting that the process of aromatization “grows” in a few weeks from the start of the course, and flavoring foods – estrogen – accumulated by the end of the course. Given the above, it becomes apparent prospect of Clomid after the “course.” As you know, Clomid (Clomiphene) acts on estrogen receptors, blocking them. In this case, Clomid acts as an estrogen antagonist and eliminates their inhibitory effect on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, contributing to a more rapid recovery of function.

Remember the main thing: carefully designed “course” – the key to maximum results with minimum loss of health! ”

From myself, I can say that the use of hCG during the course of a saturated androgens and anabolic desirable to begin no later than the second half of the course. The use of HCG on the course is somewhat different from the usual postkursovogo of, shall we say athletes spend 10-14 week course of hormone testosterone can start using hCG for the 5th week of the course, with the relative frequency of injections should be one every 4-5 days. Use small doses of gonadotropin in 500. By the way, if you are having difficulties with the acquisition of just such a dose, then there is another option: divorced vial with a concentration such 1500ed in three cubes of water corresponds to 1 cubic 500ed remaining diluted gonadotropin may be stored in a refrigerator at 5-8 degrees long enough.

Clomiphene citrate is recommended for the first few days after the course in a large enough dose of 150-300mg, depending on the length and intensity of the course, on the order of 10-14 days and then 100 mg of 50. Enough 3-4-weeks of clomiphene after a proper “exit” from the course.


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